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Homework Help: Solid state physics

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    1 few questions here

    Does anyone know websites that i can get solid state physics problems and answers.

    2ndly How do you show a semiconductor of type 1
    behaves as a perfect diamagnet.

    I know by drawing a diagram but don't how to show it


    what is the definition of an 'optical branch' and 'acoustic branch' for chain of atoms. I cant find
    clear definitions


    explain why kc1 which has the nac1 structure scatters X rays as though it had the simple cubic structure with half the true lattice spacing

    All these questions are bothering and cant find them in books.
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    Dr Transport

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    The optical and acoustic branches come about because the lattice has a basis, i.e. two different atomic species. The acoustic branch is due to the atoms oscillating in phase with each other. The optical branch is seen when the atoms of different masses oscillate out of phase with each other.

    Your text should have these answers in there.
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    Get a copy of Kittel, Introduction to Solid State Physics. (Some people prefer older editions).
    As for question 2, that should be a superconductor not a semiconductor. There is a huge difference!
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