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Solidificating materials under magnetic field?

  1. Jun 23, 2013 #1
    Hi guys,

    I'm really interested in finding out information about materials that solidify from a semi-solid state (like tofu or silicon-like) to hard solids under magnetic field or stress.
    I don't know if there's a name for it but I would really appreciate if someone could hook me up with names and links so I can start researching about it, and maybe figuring out the process of creating one.

    I'm aiming for something like the D3o () only that solidifies under magnetic field or constant stress, and goes back to being 'soft' when the energy source is turned off.

    I'm even more interested in materials which are typically "hard" solids and switch to "soft" (like gel) under a magnetic field if that exists.

    Thanks !
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