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Solidification of H2O due to pressure

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    Take a known quantity of water in a container. The container walls should be able to sustain high amounts of pressure. Now put a pressure plate on top of the water. Make sure that there is no air gap between the two. Now with the help of an Impact Hammer, deliver a heavy perpendicular force on the pressure plate. Due to this heavy force, the pressure of the water increases rapidly while the volume decreases. This results in the conversion of that water into ice! Thus we get an ice block or pellet.

    Well, I'd written this <a title="Faster Than Light Weblog" href="http://fasterthanlight.wordpress.com/2008/03/05/the-uar-underwater-assault-rifle/" [Broken] target="_blank">in my blog</a> some time ago...
    There is also a picture there...

    But not everyone agrees with me...
    So, I want to know if the same is possible as I've explained on http://fasterthanlight.wordpress.com/2008/03/05/the-uar-underwater-assault-rifle/
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