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In summary, the user is having trouble getting the slipper pads on the pistons to mate to the variable angle swashplate. They are using flexible subassemblies, but the problem is that the slipper pads won't rotate freely on their ball joint when the piston assembly is put into the whole pump assembly.
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Im designing an axial piston pump in solidworks, prior to analysis.

Basically I am having difficulty in getting the slipper pads from the top of the pistons to mate to the swashplate, so that when rotated the pump produces a pumping action.

I have the slipper pads connected to the pistons via ball joints, and in the piston assembley, the slipper pads rotate freely on the ball joint (i have used the ball head and a ball slot as the mating surfaces). However when i put the piston assembley into the whole pump assembley (with the piston assembley mated concentrically in the bore) the slipper pad no longer rotates freely on its ball joint, and as such i can't mate them to the variable angle swashplate.

Can anyone suggest a different mating arrangement which might help my problem?

Many Thanks

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Ok, I've sorted the initial problem, however no it won't let me adjust the angle of the swashplate. Anyone have any ideas?
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It's hard for me to visualize your problem. You would have more luck finding people who are familiar ith the terminology of your problem AND Solidworks, in the SW users forums. Have you tried there?
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A picture of the assembly would help a lot.
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I also have trouble visualizing what you're saying, but the trouble sounds like you're mixing mates from subassemblies with mates from higher assemblies. Are you using flexible subassemblies?
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I have now sorted it out - it didnt like the sub assemblys being imported into the main assembly, and as such wouldn't mate as i required. I have also since discovered that for some reason i needed to arrange the mates in a very precise order - there all mated in now and looking tidy - only problem now is I am running pretty low on RAM.. but that's not an issue... its an excuse to go and buy more ram...

Thanks for all your help


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