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Solidworks question

  1. Oct 31, 2008 #1
    Hi, I just have a quick solidworks question.

    Is it possible to exaggerate the scale of one of the axes? I have a structure that is about 5mm x 5mm in the xy plane, but has only a maximum height of about 10um in the z direction. I'd like to show more detail in the z direction by 'exaggerating' the z scale. Is this possible?

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    I don't know about solid works, but I remember that scaling is possible in any or all axes in NX5. I guess it should be there in scale option in solidworks too
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    yes - there is a scale feature in solidworks, and it can be 1 to 1 in one dimension and different in others - build the features to true scale first, the apply the scale.

    - use help to search for scale
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