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Solitaire Showdown

  1. May 26, 2005 #1
    Anyone playing it?

    Care to share ur strategies?
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    The best thing to do with Solitaire Showdown is to close it and play Chequers instead!
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    wow is chequers the same thing as checkers? man, american enlgish sucks, that's such a cooler spelling... "lets play chequers. which colour do you want to be? red is my favourite." saweet!

    oh, and is solitaire showdown different than regular solitaire?
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    No, it's checkers. I just thought it should be chequers...

    But you're right, american enlgish does suck.

    And yes, solitaire showdown is different. For a start, it's not solitaire, because you don't play it on your own!
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    chequers can be spelled in one more way :

    chekkes or maybe checers or maybe checkerr or maybe cheker ...varies...
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    Oh my, this aint answering my question!
    Ah, anyway, i might go and try chequers as well, never played before.

    Well, one of my strategy in playing Solitaire Showdown is always try to make an empty lane(place where u put ur cards). So u will be able to quickly exchange ur cards.
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    American English will take British DOWN!!!
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