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Solubility & acids

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    what does [HIn] and [In] stand for? what are the importance of them? are they the concentrations of H and OH? or pH and pOH?

    another Q: the compound Ag2S has solubility of 1.3 * 10^-4M at 25 degrees celsius. what is the ksp? i tried using the ICE table, but the answer i got was wrong. the correct answer is 8.8 * 10^-12 but i have no idea how to get that answer..

    also, would u look at the Ka of an acid to find the highest pH value? the Q asks: the 1.0M acidic solution with highest pH value is...
    -H3BO3 << thats the correct answer, but i thought it would be HNO3 as it has a higher Ka value and is a stronger pH..

    -how does pH relate to Ka, temperature and the strength of an acid?
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    start out by writing the ksp equation for us, that way you get to show some work

    H3BO3 has three protons, consider ka1, ka2, ka3

    this is a pretty general question you should be able to find explicit answers by reading your text.
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    In pH context In usually stands for Indicator - and HIn is its protonated form. Both forms differ in color (that's why indicator is... indicator).
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