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Solubility Constant

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    Dear all,

    It is stated in a literature that:

    Solubility = [87 cm^3(STP) H20]/ [cm^3 polymer*atm] = 93,28 (g H20/cm^3 polymer)/ (g H20/cm^3 air)

    where the storage conditions is 28 degress celcius and 70% relative humidity, at 1 atm.

    My question, how do i convert from the first unit to the second? A step to step outline would be appreciated. I just can't get my head around this.

    Many thanks,

    Wen Zhe
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    Im not sure anyone is quite smart enough to answer this..:(

    - http://www.cadischmda.com/meshtec.asp [Broken]
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