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Homework Help: Solubility of Sodium Benzoate

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    Would sodium benzoate react (dissolve) when added to water and HCl, or to water and NaOH? Also, how would you write the chemical equations for the reactions?
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    If you want to know for certain, look for sodium benzoate and benzoic acid in a handbook of chemistry & physics. Sodium salts are usually very soluble in water; but if you have strong acid present or enough strong acid, you may sufficiently convert the sodium benzoate to its acid form (benzoic acid), and for this solubility, check a handbook. As for the presence of NaOH, again, not sure if you have enough solute NaOH present to affect the solubility of the quantity of sodium benzoate; my guess is that beyond a certain concentration of NaOH, this solute may affect the solubility of your sodium benzoate, but really not sure.
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    sodium benzoate is a sodium salt and is ionic, it dissolves in water.

    sodium benzoate will react with HCl to give NaCl and benzoic acid. benzoic acid is insoluble, it will give a white ppt.

    C6H5COO-Na+ + HCl -------> C6H5COOH + NaCl
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