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Solubility & Precipitate

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Which of the following combinations of compounds will produce a precipitate?

    1. Barium hydroxide and ammonium phosphate
    2. Silver nitrate and potassium acetate
    3. Copper(I) sulfate and sodium chloride

    2. Relevant equations

    Double displacement.

    3. The attempt at a solution

    1. ##3(Ba(OH)_2 )_{aq} + 2((NH_4)_3 PO_4)_{aq} → Ba_3((PO_4 )_2)_{s} + 6(NH_4 OH)_{aq}##

    The solid precipitate formed will be barium phosphate.

    2. This one I'm a bit unsure about because of the potassium acetate.

    ##(AgNO_3)_{aq} + (KC_2H_3O_2)_{aq} → (AgC_2H_3O_2)_{s} + (KNO_3)_{aq}##

    The solid precipitate formed will be silver acetate.

    3. ##(Cu_2SO_4)_{aq} + 2(NaCl)_{aq} → 2(CuCl)_{s} + (Na_2SO_4)_{aq}##

    The sold precipitate formed will be copper(I) chloride.

    Do these look okay? I want to make sure I'm doing these properly.
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