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Solubility question

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    Does the amount of one solute in a solution effect the maximum quantity of another solute that can be dissolved ino that solution, or the rate of dissolution?
    To provide context: I'm thinking of making an acetone evaporator for thermal management purposes. I'm wondering if the humidity of the intake air would be relevant in the effectiveness of the cooler, especially since I would mostly be using it in the summer, when the air is remarkably humid here.
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    Short answer: yes, it does.

    But apart from relatively simple cases (common ion effect) I am not aware of any model describing the behavior of such solutions, and intuition tells me even if they exist (highly probable) they are heavily relying on experimental parameters (as most models dealing with non-ideal mixtures do).

    Hopefully I am wrong.
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    Hmm, so I'm SoL when it comes to predicting the effectiveness of my acetone heat rejector? I love the 'build it and hope for the best' method of engineering. It's my favorite.
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    Does the air contact the acetone directly, or is there a heat exchanger with with acetone evaporating on one side of a wall and air cooling on the other side?
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