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    I bought engineering circuit analysis by hyatt, 8e (Indian edition)The book is great in explaining concepts but the answers to the excerise problems are not given.

    in the website mentioned in book there are only answers to selected problems for first six chapters, what about the remaining 12 chapter..?

    I Google for buying solution mannual but it's not there it seem, how could they release book without solution to their excerise problems, with solution only i can knew whether i'm right or wrong.!

    Could someone send me link in where can i buy its solution ..?
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    Interesting. That does seem strange that they would provide solutions for ealier chapters and not the later chapters. Were the answers for the earlier chapters for the odd problems or the even problems? Usually for a textbook, they will give the answers for half of the problems so students can check their study work, but leave half of the problems unsolved so the instructor can use them for graded homework...
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    To the odd ones., but why are they doing like this? My instructor isn't following tis book, so what about me.? wasted my money in buying this book.?
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    I see a golden opportunity here for you to work on these problems jointly with another student in your class, someone as diligent as yourself. You should be able to come up with ways to check your own answers, often by verifying that your answer satisfies the conditions, or by solving via a different route. In those 1% of case where neither of you is confident on how to proceed, well, you have these Physics Forums to consult. :smile:

    Or you could flatter one of the top brains in the class by approaching her and asking for her advice on a problem that has you tied up in knots. :wink:
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    Hmmm....... okay...! Thanks for your suggestion.
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