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Solution Needed to combine Thrust, Torque and Motion?

  1. Mar 16, 2012 #1
    I have a problem which I cannot crack, I am currently looking into the use of a universal joints but I want to explorer other routes too.

    I am working on a gearbox test rig which requires a means of transmitting a thrust (5000 N), a torque (1800 Nm) and a speed (2000 RPM) all in the same "shaft". There is also a requirement for a 32mm rod to travel through the middle of all this.

    I also need a means of providing the thrust load, currently the use of a Hollow Hydraulic Cylinder looks to be the most effective solution.

    Space constraint of the system (length) is around 14".

    The input side will be attached to a spline, the thrust load will have to be applied to this splined shaft, the output end is open to ideas.

    Many Thanks!
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