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Homework Help: Solution of following ODE

  1. Feb 15, 2016 #1
    • OP warned about not using the homework template
    Let’s consider Uc to be transformed form of h(x,t) by applying Fourier transform
    Then solution of Eq 1 by integrating factor is as in Eq 2
    And by applying on Eq 2 inverse fourier transform & some simplification gives us final solution as Eq 3
    But what if f(t) in Eq 1 is equal to Eq 4
    Putting value of f(t) from Eq 4 in Eq 1 gives us Eq 5
    Similarly by integrating factor solution of Eq 5 comes out to be as in Eq 6
    Applying fourier inverse on Eq 6 gives final solution as Eq 7
    The problem is in final equation (Eq 7)I have h(x,tow) on right hand side which is actually same what I want to find out and is on left side of eq 7. How can I modify solution of Eq 5 that h(x,tow) in Eq 6 does not remain on right hand side?

    Equations are in following link
    https://www.physicsforums.com/attachments/equations-png.95912/ [Broken]
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    When I click on that link, I get a message that says "you do not have permission to view this page".
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