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Homework Help: Solution to Griffiths introduction to EM problem 2.26

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    Hi, there,

    Could you please show me the solution to Griffiths Introduction to Electrodynamics, problem 2.26? The integral is so complicated. Thanks
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    Cool! We're using the same textbook. Yeah, my next assignment will probably have problems from that section as well, since we're covering chapter 2 in the lectures right now. But, no one's going to do your hw for you. Show what you've got so far, and they'll help you out with corrections/point you in the right direction.
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    You might need to post the problem, since many you could help you may not have that text.
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    The problem is

    A conical surface (an empty ice-cream cone) carries a uniform surface charge <sigma>. The height of the cone is h, and the radius of the top is R. Find the potential difference between points a(the vertex) and b (the center of the top)

    Thanks a lot.
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    It could be worse!

    I remember one post that said, in it's entirety, "What's the solution to the fourth problem on today's homework."

    And another "What chapters will tomorrows test cover?"
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