Solutions compared of solutes and solvents

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Hi im doing this solute and solvent table and i need to fill in some empty spaces here is what i got so far, and what i need, any help will be appreciated.

Solvent Solute
Solid----> Solid---> Alloys such as bronze and brass
Liquid----> Solid ---> Salt in water (solid solute dissolved into a liquid solvent)
Gas-----> Solid ----> ?????????

Solvent Solute
Solid ---> liquid ---??
Liquid ---> liquid ---???
Gas ---> liquid ---???

Solvent Solute
Solid ---> Gas---> Hydrogen gas being produced from palladum
Liquid --> Gas--->Hydrochloric Acid, by dissolving hydrogen chloride gas in water
Gas ----> Gas --->Air, has a solution of N2 and O2


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you might wish to consider suspensions, colloidal substances such as mayonaise. As for the liquid/liquid...there are many example, liquid ethanol in water. I'll let some others here help out with the rest.

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