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Solutions Manual for Dynamics

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    Hey guys! I took mechanics last year, and did fairly well...A-. But, we had a solutions manual/file that a friend had, so we could study on the weekends a lot for upcoming exams.

    We are struggling in Dynamics, and need to begin studying for the first exam(in 2 weeks). So, my question is, does anyone know of a place I can get solutions or manuals. The actual book doesn't list any websites or anything.....and my poor web searching abilities don't seem to work either.

    The book is Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics(2nd edition) by William Riley and Leroy Sturges.

    Thanks guys, any help would be great!! We just like to run through a TON of problems to get ourselves ready, and its nearly impossible with solutions(and is even nicer, if its worked out too....so we can learn from our mistakes).
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    I don't see the harm in solution manuals, I find them very handy but, if they aren't listed that means they aren't available unless your a professor.

    So you can obtain them but not in a legit way so no one is going to help you here I'm guessing.
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    Requests for solution manuals for textbooks are not allowed on the PF. Solution manuals are for instructors, NOT for students.

    Thread locked.
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