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Solutions to D.K Cheng

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    Does anyone know where to find a solutions manual to "Field and Wave Electromagnetics" written by David K. Cheng? If you know you can post it here or send me a email (asa_1986@spray.se). Thanks
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    Solution manuals are meant for teachers, not students. Why is everyone so keen on getting their hands on solution manuals? Why not try the questions, then ask your teacher for assistance; or post the questions on the homework forums here at PF where you will be provided with help.
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    Sometimes there exists students solutions manual and it can help to check in them to get some ideas to start. Most of the times i ask my teacher but it's weekend now so i can't contact him.
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    Solution manuals are for instructors, not for students.

    Requesting copyright material to be posted or sent to you is also wrong.

    Thread locked.
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