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I'm excited like a little kid here...

As you may know, Brussels is hosting the 23rd Solvay Conference for physics. The topic this year will be "Quantum Properties of Space and Time".

There is a public day that I'll definately be going to. Here's the program :


12u30 – 14u00 Doors open, welcome coffe

14u00 – 14u15 Welcome by Philippe Busquin (ex EU science commissioner)
Presentation of the speakers by Marc Hennaux (Solvay Instituten en ULB)

14u15 – 14u55 Robbert Dijkgraaf “Strings, Black Holes and the end of Space and Time”

14u55 – 15u35 Brian Greene « The Fabric of the Cosmos : Space, Time and the Texture of Reality »

15u35 – 16u35 Q&A session, led by David Gross (Santa Barbara, Nobelprijs Fysica 2004), and with the participation of Thibault Damour (IHES), Robbert Dijkgraaf (Amsterdam), Brian Greene (Columbia), Gerard ‘t Hooft (Utrecht, Nobelprijs Fysica 1999), Lisa Randall (Harvard) nad Gabriele Veneziano (Collège de France),
animator Michel Claessens (Europese Commissie)

16u35 – 16u40 Closing speech

16u40 – 18u00 Cocktail

Sounds fun, doesn't it? :biggrin:

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