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Solve 2^n = 150 / 0.5 for n

  1. Apr 9, 2007 #1
    I needed help with this equation:
    2^n = 150 / 0.5
    I don't know how to solve for the unknown "n" (which in this problem is the number of half lives) if its the exponent of something. what do I do?
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    Please do not post your questions here. They should be posted in the appropriate forums.

    With respect to your question, take logs, thats all there is to it...
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    Thread moved to Homework Help, Pre-Calculus Math.

    n108, do you see a way that you could use logarithms to help you solve that equation for n?
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    First thing for you to do is divide 150/.5= 300. Now you have 2n= 300. Now 28= 256 and 29= 512. Since 300 is between 256 and 512, n is between 8 and 9. Do you know about logarithms?
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