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Solve any equation!

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    http://www.hostsrv.com/webmab/app1/MSP/quickmath/02/pageGenerate?site=quickmath&s1=equations&s2=solve&s3=basic [Broken]

    FACT: THIS IS HELPS ME! :biggrin:
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    Hmm, shame, I thought it might be one that explain how problems are solved. There are lots of solver programs out there that do this kind of thing, some with a vast array of other things they can do.

    At higher level mathematics 'solving equations' generally isn't that interesting and certainly not the trivial ones this can only do.

    Oh, won't even give me a numerical answer for something like:

    x^2 - 40 = e^x
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    Oh, I dunno, it's fairly good for what it does. Together with the online integrator, I think we have a good set of tools to minimse the effort we spend on problems.
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    What about matlab? I had the impression that this tool could solve quite a few type of equations.
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    Matlab's more numerical.

    The above link looks like it uses Mathematica - this and Maple are both pretty good at solving algebraic equations.

    Of course, the complete packages will always be better than the online intgrator and this tool, but they are much more expensive :wink:
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