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Homework Help: Solve differential equation

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    The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Solve [tex]\frac{dy(t)}{dt}+2ty(t)=5t

    The attempt at a solution
    Since this is a 1st order ODE, i find the integrating factor,
    [tex]μ(t)=e^{\int P(t).dt}
    Using formula:
    Integrating both R.H.S. and L.H.S.:
    [tex]μy=\int e^{t^2}.5t\,.dt
    Using y(0)=1
    When t=0, y=1
    [itex]1=\frac{5}{2}+A[/itex], so A=1-(5/2)=-3/2

    Therefore, the particular solution is: y=(5/2)-(3/2) which gives y=1.

    Is this answer correct?
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    It looks correct to me.
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