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Solve for y - has power 4

  1. Mar 4, 2008 #1
    I tried TI89 and it did not work

    Trying to solve for y in the following equation. I don't have a lot of software resource available to me so no matlab/mathematica/mathcad etc
    I'm going try in excel if it can do it.

    -383^(4-y) + 408^(4-y) + 297^(4-y) - 301^(4-y) = 3.358*10^10


    edit: did anyone get y = -0.283068? TI work but said multiple solution may exist
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    Maple gives y = -.2822793449
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    thanks that work out. i rounded those numbers i posted above the 383 etc so should be the same or close
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