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Homework Help: Solve limit of x --> 1

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    limit of x --> 1

    (x^1000 - 1 ) / (x-1)
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    what have you done so far? show your work before someone here gives you any hints!
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    lim of x ---> 1


    hahah, lol just kidding.

    seriously, have no clue where to start.
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    ok, then let's do this before i get out of here:
    well i am gonna try to give u a hint
    [tex] a^{n}-b^{n}=(a-b)(a^{n-1}+a^{n-2}b+a^{n-3}b^{2}+a^{n-4}b^{3}+......+a^{2}b^{n-3}+ab^{n-2}+b^{n-1})[/tex], in your problem a=x, b=1 , and n=1000, also remember that 1=1^1000, or any other real power.

    i hope this will do u any good!
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    thanks i got it, it's 1000. What is the rule called the (a^n - b^n).
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    l'Hôpital's Rule

    Or you could look up "l'Hôpital's Rule" (try wikipedia or any elementary textbook on calculus).

    But I agree, sutupidmath's method is the easy and obvious one in this case (and yes it is 1000)! :smile:
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    i am not sure how do u call it in english, but it is merely the diference of powers i guess!
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