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Solve my homework

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    lol just kidding but i do need some verification on some stuff.

    I just finished taking a test and i wanted to know if i was right on a few things.

    If you have a satellite with a circular aperature and you want to know the minimum y resolution, you use sin theta = 1.22 wavelength/D right? Theta being the angle from the satellite to the ground and the wavelength being the wavelength of light being used and D being the diameter of the aperature right?

    Also uhm... there was a question that you have the stationary planet earth, a space ship, and a probe. The space ship is going .5c relative to the earth and the probe flies off at .75 relative to the space ship. If you wanted to find the probes speed in relationship to the earth, the equation to use was (U + V)/(1+ (uv/c^2)) right? By the way, anyone know a program to compile latex code because someone said theres a program that will allow you to easily compile formulas and paste them in or something instead of having to write everything out piece by piece.

    Also uhm... if a quantum particle is in a confined space of 0<x<L and you decrease L by 2 (to get L/2), the energy would quadruple right?

    I felt like i did great on my test and i just wanna see if i should expect a corrosponding grade lol.
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