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Homework Help: Solve the congruence. Please Help

  1. Mar 24, 2009 #1
    Determine whether or not the following congruence has a solution:
    x^2 = 78 (mod 41503). If a solution exist then find a positive integer that satisfies the solution. Here, = means "congruent to".

    I understand the fact that if 78 is the quadratic residue of 41503 then we have a solution but I don't know how I should do that? Should I break down 78 into factors of prime and then try to verify using quadratic reciprocity? Assuming that there IS a solution, how do I find an integer that satisfies the congruent? Please help! thanks!
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    So x2 - 78 [itex]\equiv[/itex] 0 mod 41503, or
    x2 - 78 = 41503k, for some integer k.

    A brute force approach would be to substitute five of ten values for k (such as 1 through 5 or 10), and see if you can get a solution. The problem asks for only one solution, and you might get lucky and find one this way.
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