Solve This if you can

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Solve This if you can!!!!

Homework Statement

how you can solve [X*dX, from x1 to x2 and from 0 to infinity ] using only this Logic circuits (or some of this circuits)[7400,7402,7404,7408,7410,7420,7486,7447,7483,7476,TTL only]
you can use an one or two extra circuits for this problem but then you have to solve this one time with the extra circuits and one without the extra circuits

you can use only 74xxx Logic circuits (TTL)

Homework Equations

Q(7400)=A- * B-,Q(7402)=(A+B)-,Q(7404)=A-,Q(7486)=A*B,Q(7447)=(BCD to 7-seg)
Q(7483)=(Full adder),Q(7476)=(j-K F.F.)

The Attempt at a Solution

I was trying to use the full adder to solve this BUT the Full Adder will help you to add x1,x1+1,x1+2,x1+3,….,x2 if you use the proper counter(for X^2/2 , {I was trying to use
3 F.F. ) BUT how you can feed back the info into the counter then to the full adder ...then ...I realize that this is nonsense
And how should I build the equation in the 1st place it is next to impossible if you want to use only the circuits shown above :confused::surprised

the {lab man:uhh::grumpy:} said to me Solve this if you can!!!

Answers and Replies

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what i find that if i use some liner ways But if you use this way you can NOT form the equastion