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Solve this?

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    Solve this??

    There are w cakes and n people. The cakes are distributed to people randomly. Find the expected number of cakes a 'i' person can receive. The distribution is:
    a) Bernoulli distribution

    b) Binomial distribution

    c) Poisson distribution

    d) Uniform distribution

    e) Exponential distribution

    f) Normal distribution

    g) Chi-square distribution

    h) Gamma distribution
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    Re: Solve this??

    what did you try??
    Is the distribution discrete or continuous??
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    Re: Solve this??

    @micro mass : I didn't get.. I am poor at propbabilty and statistics

    It follows discrete distribution

    Plz help me..
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    Re: Solve this??

    I am helping you, but I'm not just telling the answer until you tell me what you think and what you tried.
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