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Homework Help: [Solved] LTspice - adding new diode

  1. Feb 23, 2010 #1
    EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED! I found a model on a website of the manufacturer! Next, I need to hunt down this 5.1 V Zener.

    Hey. I'm designing a full-wave bridge rectifier regulated by a Zener, and on of the project requirements is an LTspice simulation(not to mention it's a good place to start before buying components and building the rectifier).

    I've been searching and reading tons of data sheets, but I cannot find much about the 1N4004 diode. For example, none of the datasheets I found show saturation current. Is there a place with LTspice models for popular diodes, or a place with better data sheets?

    From what I can find, my model looks like this(where empty means nothing found yet):
    .model D1N4004 D (Is= Rs= N= Tt= Cjo=15p Vj= M= Eg= Xti= Kf= Af= Fc= Bv=400 Ibv=5.00u Tnom= Isr= Nr= Ikf= Tikf= Trs1= Trs2=)

    I know many of these variables are useless for my analysis, but some like Is just seem important and fundamental.
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