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Solved problems of Thermodynamics?

  1. Jun 6, 2013 #1
    Hello everybody! This is my first thread and I'm just kind of discovering the forum. If I should make a presentation or should have posted this thread somwhere else, let me know please!

    I have plenty of books and notes about a first course in Thermodynamics, but I'm having a bit of trouble when trying to solve problems, as I have no starting point, no "guiding reference" as to how to work it out. I was wondering if somebody could recommend me some bibliography with some solved paradigmatic problems about the laws of thermodynamics, heat engines, thermodynamic potentials, phase transitions and such things... a typical first course. And not just the numerical or algebraic results of the problem, but the solution itself.
    Anything you can point out will be greatly apreciated: book references, web pdfs... anything!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hit Amazon.com and search for 'Schaum's Outline of Thermodynamics'. There are several different titles, which deal with engineering, chemical processes, or the purely theoretical aspects. These books cover the theory and provide worked example problems. They also contain problems without detailed solutions, but they do have the final answer for checking purposes.
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    Thank you!

    Any other recommendations (specially with any pdf or .djvu i can find online, with notes)?
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