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Solving an annoying equation please help

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    [SOLVED] Solving an annoying equation... please help


    I'm playing with the code used to convert between on-screen pixel co-ordinates and geographical lat-lon in Microsoft's Virtual Earth. They have a page that explains how to go one way (including example code) at http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb259689.aspx" [Broken] but it only explains how to get the pixel co-ordinate from a lat-lon and not the other way around.

    I decided it shouldn't be too difficult to solve myself so I started on it. I'm now stuck at the following point:

    a = (1 + sinLatitude) / (1 - sinLatitude)

    I need to calculate "sinLatitude" in terms of "a" but I don't seem to be able to do it. Can anyone please give me some pointers, or do I need to approach the whole thing another way?

    Many thanks,

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    Is sinLatitude = (a-1)/(a+1) the answer you are looking for?
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    After running a few tests, it certainly seems to be!

    Many thanks for your help!

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