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Solving an RC circuit

  1. Jul 14, 2012 #1
    Actually I am working on my research project and facing a problem on solving a simple series RC circuit. But the problem is the Resistance and capacitance of the circuit is increasing with the time, and I am working on finding the value of R and C at the steady state as well as the time switch is closed(t=0). These two values are obviously going to be different as both R and C are increasing with time.
    All information I have about the problem in I have the value of DC input voltage and the current waveform
    Also I am working on the charging side of the problem.
    I would be highly obliged if anybody could give me some hint or help.

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    How fast are R and C are increasing? If much slower than the RC time constant just work out the circuit response at several points in time.

    In the real world the manufacturing tollerance on R and C can vary anyway. For R it mught 0.5-2%. For C it could be anywhere from <1% to 80% depending on the type of capacitor. Some types of capacitors also age.
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    If it's the classic Battery -> switch -> R -> C circuit and the switch is closed at t=0 then

    At t=0 the voltage on the capacitor is zero and that does not change with R or C. The current will be I=V/R and that _will_ change with R but not C.

    At t=infinity, The voltage on the capacitor will equal the supply voltage which is independant of R or C. The current will be zero which is also independant of R or C.
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