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Homework Help: Solving complex equation

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    2. Relevant equations
    I only know the result to be x=-5/14 y=-1/14

    3. The attempt at a solution
    If you could only lead on how to proceed I would be grateful
    Xbtw is there any software that could solve the above equation ?
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    Mathematica would solve that sort of equation just fine. So would Maple and Matlab for that matter. www.wolframalpha.com would also suffice. As for solving it by hand, I dont see any clear way to do it without a whole lot of work.
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    On the left hand side express as a single fraction, which involves multiplying the denominators, which gives denominator (x2 - y2), unfortunately not quite the same as a denominator appearing on the right-hand side - and I wonder whether you have transcribed it properly, whether it is not really 12i/(y2 + x2). If it is that, you can combine those two bits into (something)/(x4 - y4). Whether it's that or really ...+ 12i/y2 +... still combine into one fraction. In the end express the whole thing with a single denominator. Numerator = 0 gives you solutions but watch out whether enumerator and denominator have common factor which=0 is not a solution of problem.

    You being stuck suggests you probably need to revise adding/subtracting fractions, you may need to revise how to deal with expressions with complex numbers - here nothing needed except work like with real numbers but just whenever you get i2 it becomes -1.

    I haven't done it and don't know whether any significant simplifications come up; it is some work but a quite routine problem.
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