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Homework Help: Solving distance in velocity

  1. Mar 3, 2013 #1
    It's an easy question but I am not getting the correct answer as the book states.

    Superwoman is flying at 108km/h. She decelerates at a constant rate to 36km/h

    How far in meters does super woman travel in the first 8 seconds?

    They told me to draw a velocity time graph which I did. I found the area of the first 8 seconds



    =(8*72)/2 + 8*36
    =576km/h which is 160m/s

    But the correct answer is 200...
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    You seem to have misstated the problem a little. It must have said that she took 8 seconds to decelerate to 36km/h.
    Try including units in there and see what happens.
    That's a speed, not a distance.
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