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Homework Help: Solving for Partials

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    "Solving for Partials"

    This is for my revision and I have the answer sheet:

    I'm meant to find ∂u/∂x for x = u + v + w, y = u^2 + v^2 + w^2, z = u^3 + v^3 + w^3

    That as far as I can tell, by a miracle, is meant to equal:

    ∂u/∂x=(vw)/((v − u)(w − u))

    All the question says apart from find this is "Solving for Partials".

    I can't find anything that looks like this in my notes and google comes up empty. What's going on here?
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    Well, if you want to solve for the partial derivative of u with respect to x, it seems that you ought to partially differentiate each equation with respect to x. What kind of equations do you get when you do that?
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    key word : implicit differentiation
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