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Solving for X

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    Hello, I'm doing some physics work where I need to isolate the varibles but I've sadly forgotten how to do this. I've never used this in my work for a few years now so I'm stuck on the steps.

    If anyone can direct me to a site or let me know the steps for isolating that would be great.

    I'm trying to isolate these for example:

    x/z = rty (for t)

    tyr = x/z

    t = xyr/z

    (Not even sure if this is right. I put t on the left side, then multiplied both sides by yr to get the answer.)

    x = r+yz (for r)

    r+yz = x

    r = x - yz

    (Not even sure if this is right either. I put r on the left side then subtracted yz from both sides to get this answer.)

    I somewhat understand how to do it for these two. I usually get the answer after a guess and check but is there a certain order you need to use to get it right?

    My main problem is for questions like this:

    y = x^2/zr

    I have no idea on how to isolate anything with powers.

    (No, this is not a homework question. I made the equations up so I can understand the concepts.)
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    simple algebra. the various axioms of numbers that you learn in introductory algebra must become almost automatic. Properties of Equality, inverse operations...

    Your first two are correct.
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    Alright, thanks! I'll check google some more for Properties of Equality and inverse operations.
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