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A Solving forced PDE with method of Characteristics

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    I'm trying to solve the following PDE:
    where y satisfies the inviscid Burgers equation
    and the Hilbert Transform is defined as
    $$\mathbb{H}(f) = PV \int_{-\infty}^{\infty} \frac{f(x')}{x-x'} \ dx',$$
    where PV means principal value.

    The solutions for y are determined by the initial conditions, so that if y(t=0,x)=F(x) then y=F(x-yt).

    Now, I know how to solve the homogeneous part of the equation, as well as the particular solution for the term -y on the right hand side of the governing equation. However, I cannot find a solution to


    Any tips on how to find solutions for a system like this are appreciated.
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