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Solving Kramers- Kronig Relation using MATLAB

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    I have plotted a string of experiment data to form f''([tex]\varpi[/tex])
    However, I do now know how to incoperate the f''([tex]\varpi[/tex]) into KKR. My problem now is that I do not know how to integrate f''([tex]\varpi[/tex]) /{[tex]\varpi'^2-\varpi^2[/tex]} using Matlab.

    I've tried plotting the area under the curve of eq, f''([tex]\varpi[/tex]) /{[tex]\varpi'^2-\varpi^2[/tex]} . But my plotted curve is exactly the same as the curve for f''([tex]\varpi[/tex]) /{[tex]\varpi'^2-\varpi^2[/tex]}
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    I've tried trapz(X,Y). But there is an error saying that "LENGTH(X) must equal the length of the first non-singleton dimension of Y."

    May I know what is the problem?
    How shall i define the length of X since my X is generated with hundreds of experiment data.
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    I'm not sure - can you send me the file containing your data? I'll see what I can do from here...

    ps: once you've loaded the variables X and Y from the data source, just check that the dimensions of these arrays agree using "whos". They should be the same length.
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