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Solving Matrix Equation (factorization)

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    Good day to all,

    I am now reading a journal on how to use haar wavelet method to solve ODEs. I found a difficulties in order to solve below matrix equation. In equation 3, the only unknown matrix is cT, how could I factorize this to find cT ? (I am using MATLAB in my calculation)

    The matrix equation is :
    equation (1) ct[I+4P4]=dt-4fTw(3)(0)P3-4fTw(2)(0)P2-4ftw'(0)P-4fTw(0)

    with the boundary conditions
    equation (2) w(0)=w(2)(0)=0, w(1)=w(2)(1)=0

    by substituting all the boundary conditions, we can gain
    equation (3) cT[I+4P4]=dT-4fT[-cTPf]P3-4fT[-cTP3f+fT(cTPf)P2f]P

    thank you in advance
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