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Homework Help: Solving motion of undamped harmonic oscillator

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    The question is: Solve for the motion of the undamped harmonic oscillator with an applied force F, treated in class, when the force is no longer constant but has the form F=F0+kT, where Fo and k are constants. Use the intial conditions x(0)=d and x'(0) =v0.

    I'm trying to solve this problem using my notes but I don't see anything like it. What I'm thinking is that I need to find an equation of motion. Something like x(t)=x''+w0^2x=0, x(0)=x''+w0^2x=d, x'(0)=x''+w0^2x=v0. Help me!
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    You will need to end up with an equation of motion, but you can't start with one. You gotta start with what you know, and all you know is force.


    [tex]F = m\ddot{x}[/tex]

    where F is your given applied force. This gives you a differential equation that you must solve.

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