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MATLAB Solving ODE in matlab

  1. Jun 17, 2009 #1
    d(B^2W)/dx = BW

    d(B^2W^2)/dx = (W(1-x)^1/n)^-1

    more details are found in the attached file

    I have a problem and need serious help using runge-kutta in matlab to solve ode

    please find attached the problem.

    I would appreciate it if someone helps me out


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    Try ode45. In console, type
    Code (Text):

    help ode45
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    Thanks AiRAVATA.

    I have already tried that but I get half of my answers to be equal to the solution and the rest having a difference between +1 and +1.5.
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    I don't understand. Can you elaborate?
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    Use simulink and treat your X variable as time. Then you can use whatever complicated function you want to update. Compute the derivatives and integrate once. Then supply the result as the new X variable to the system.

    I hate SIMULINK anyway. But very convenient for such things. Oh by the way, choose a fixed step solver in simulation parameters.
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