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Homework Help: Solving perpendicular oscillation problems- lissajous

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    solving perpendicular oscillation problems-- lissajous

    Hi all.
    Ok, I am not getting how we're to solve perpendicular oscillatory systems.
    How do the variances in frequency, and phase play into the drawing/solving of these systems?
    Oh, and this is not a trig class I'm doing. It's an oscillation/wave class.
    Do we solve for the individual trig functions, at various points in time, and mark our points within the rectangle, and then draw our lissajous graph?
    Some serious clarification would be appreciated.
    For what it's worth, I'm using the MIT Intro. Physics Series, A.P. French-- Vibrations and Waves text.
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    How we're to solve them? Like we would two independant equations of motion (cuz that's what they are).

    How to draw their Lissajous figure? Using the method explained thoroughly by French. If you don't understand it, tell me exactly where/what passage confuses you and I'll try to explain it better.
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