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Homework Help: Solving polynomial

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    can anyone show me how to solve this:

    x^(3/2) + (1+x^3)^(1/2)

    i want to get it to so that there's only 1 term of x. but i don't know how to expand the squared root. any help is appreciated.
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    You have

    [tex]\sqrt{x^3} + \sqrt{1+x^3} =0[/tex]


    put one member on the other side, square both side.
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    no, that's the problem. i don't have it "=0". i just have one to simplify the expression.
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    First of all, please do not double post. People will help you if you post once. Secondly, I have already responded to this post in another section.
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    Incidentally, that was here. That thread has been closed.
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