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Homework Help: Solving set of non-linear equations with two unknowns in MATLAB

  1. Jul 20, 2012 #1
    I have two non-linear equations with two unknowns, i.e., tau and p. both equations are:
    tau - 2*(1-2*p) ./ ( (1-2*p)*(W+1)+(p*W).*(1-(2*p).^m)).

    I am interested to find the value of tau.
    After doing some research on internet I came to know that these equations can be solved by finding roots and finding fixed points. However, the problem is not that straight as it involves two non-linear equations, as opposed to various examples I found on internet which involves only one non-linear equation.
    Additionally, I have matlab code for solving this problem, but still spending few days to understand and searching internet relentlessly, I couldn't understand how this solution actually works. Below I am giving that matlab code and need your helping hand to explain it to me the actual logic behind solving 'set of non-linear equations.

    Matlab M-file is:

    function result=tau_eq(tau)


    result=tau - 2*(1-2*p) ./ ( (1-2*p)*(W+1)+(p*W).*(1-(2*p).^m));

    Command at the command window:
    output is:
    result =


    The given result is satisfactory, however I do not understand the logic behind it. Any explanation or referring to useful resources will be highly appreciated.
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