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Solving the Equations

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    Can someone explain to me in layman's terms what physicists mean when they say, "first we need to find the equations of the Theory of Everything, then we'll spend years solving them and predicting things etc".

    How do you come up with an equation that isn't solved yet?

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    You have to have a question before you can have an answer.

    It all starts with finding an equality, then solving for the equality.

    You find an equation like F = ma, then you solve for different scenarios.

    Then you can send rockets to the other planets with predicted trajectories.

    Other equations like Schrödinger's equation has allowed us to create objects such as the semiconductor and laser that allow you computer to function.

    Einstein's equations for gravity allow for advanced satellite operations.
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    makes sense. Could you elaborate a little more? (maybe less layman's terms :) )
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