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Solving the Riemann Hypothesis

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    I once had a math professor who said that although they might not admit it, most mathematicians try to solve the Riemann hypothesis in their spare time.

    How true is this? Who is trying to solve the Riemann hypothesis? I don't just mean "are you?" (although feel free to speak up if you are) but more generally: how big is the group that is trying to solve this? I suppose this strongly depends on how you define "trying"; I can imagine a lot of different levels of "trying it seriously".
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    Define "trying to solve". There are entire fields of mathematics who's developments shed light on the zeta function, do the people working in those field qualify?
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    You can define it yourselves; I welcome answers from different perspectives.

    I'd personally be more curious about people that are directly tackeling the problem, without "just" proving results about the zeta function in the hope it might be helpful for other people; on the other that might be the only way to go about it :)

    And what about regular mathematicians; do they ever try? Even in their spare time (as claimed by my professor)? Does perhaps most, say, complex analysis mathematicians try to tackle it in their spare time (now and then)?
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    I think the statement might be a little too general IMO ;)
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    I'm willing to bet there are far more cranky amateurs trying to prove RH than there are professional mathematicians. Less cranks than was previously the case for the superficially far more accessible FLT, but still many.

    Lots of these guys are even convinced they've succeeded, but "The Man" (the mathematical establishment) wants to keep them down and suppress their marvellous discovery for its own sinister reasons.
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    Right now I am deep in the Belly of the Beast... again. Count me in.
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    I've solved it, it was pretty easy.
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