Solving the Twin Paradox: Help Needed

In summary, Jane receives the same number of messages as Dick sent out, even though he sent them from a planet 20 light years away.
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please help its urgent


can someone please solve this paradox related to the twin paradox??
jane continues to be on Earth and dick goes to a planet 20 light years away at a speed of 0.8 c. Every year dick sends a message to Jane. Now for Jane due to time dilation the time taken by dick to reach the planet is 25 years and back to Earth another 25 years. Also the frequency the Jane receive the messages while dick is receding away should be equal to one message per three years and while he is coming back it should be equal to three messages per year. Now to due to length contraction dick feels that he is twelve light year away from the planet. Hence he should take 15 years to reach the planet and 15 years back to earth. That means he has sent out a total of 30 messages. Please explain tome how Jane receives these 30 messages.

Please note that all the units and formula e were in accordance with Einstein's special theory of relativity and the formula e and the results were according to the same. Please help me as this question is perplexing my mind since the last 51 hours.

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Hint: Dick sends his 15th message at the turnaround point (at the distant planet). Assuming the message travels at the speed of light, when does it reach Jane (according to her)?
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1) according to dick, while he receding for the 15 years he gets five messages in total in 15 yrs @ 1 msg per 3 yr
and while coming back he is receiving 3 messages per year and for 15 yrs, he will receive 45 messages
that mean a total of 50 messages which is same as the number of messages sent out by jane in 50 yrs wrt earth.2)
now if i perform the same calculations on jane, she should get 25*(1/3) messages from dick while he is receding and 25*3 messages while he is coming back.
but that does not amount to a total of 30 messages sent out by dean.PLZ PLZ PLZ PERFORM THESE CALCULATIONS FOR ME HERE.


receding 25*(1/3)

because the planet is 20 lght yrs away jane on Earth continues to receive dick's msgs @ 1/3 per year FOR TWETY more years.

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Doppler Effect
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why is no one replying?

1. What is the Twin Paradox?

The Twin Paradox is a thought experiment in physics that explores the concept of time dilation, or the slowing down of time, in the theory of relativity. It involves two twins, one of whom stays on Earth while the other travels at high speeds through space. When the traveling twin returns, they will have aged less than the twin who stayed on Earth.

2. How is the Twin Paradox resolved?

The Twin Paradox can be resolved by understanding that the twin who traveled at high speeds experienced acceleration and deceleration, which causes time dilation. This phenomenon is explained by the theory of relativity, which states that time is not absolute and can be affected by gravity and motion.

3. Why is the Twin Paradox important?

The Twin Paradox is important because it challenges our understanding of time and space. It also demonstrates the principles of relativity and how they apply to our everyday lives. It has been used in various thought experiments and has helped scientists make groundbreaking discoveries in the field of physics.

4. Can the Twin Paradox be tested?

Yes, the Twin Paradox can be tested through experiments involving atomic clocks and high-speed travel. Scientists have also conducted experiments using airplanes and GPS systems to demonstrate the effects of time dilation. These experiments have confirmed the validity of the theory of relativity and the Twin Paradox.

5. Are there any real-life examples of the Twin Paradox?

Yes, there are real-life examples of the Twin Paradox. One famous example is the experiment conducted by astronaut Scott Kelly and his twin brother Mark Kelly. Scott spent a year on the International Space Station while Mark stayed on Earth. When Scott returned, he was found to have aged slightly less than Mark, providing evidence for the effects of time dilation and the Twin Paradox.

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