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Homework Help: Solving Uniform Motion problems. HELP PLEASE!

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    Arnold is jogging west at 5 kph along a trail. Ivan is jogging east on the same trail at 3.75 kph.If they are 0.5 km apart, how long will it be until they meet?

    Help Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee! I need it now. Thank you!
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    They will never meet, as they are running away from each other.
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    They WILL meet if they are initially facing each other!
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    If Arnold moves at 5 kph, after t hours, How many km will he have gone? If Ivan moves at 3.75 kph, after t hours, how many km will he have gone? For what t will the total distance they go be 0.5 km?
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    I think CompuChip was being facetious in his/her post.
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    Later on ... I said to myself ...even if they were not facing each other, they would ... eventually meet (after going round the Earth!)
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