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Solving why sun/earth magnetic flips occur

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    The sun's magnetic flips every 11 years or so; the sun spot activity rises and earth gets blasted by the associated EM activity. Much less frequent, but known to occur around every 10,000 years, magnetic flips of the earth are also able to be detected.

    As you all probably know by now, I'm putting forward some threads on a new theory of how photons may have a chemistry similar to atoms; similarly, there may be photonic states and photonic compounds.

    IF true, then these magnetic flips may be due to the photon states changing across state 'boundaries'; as the energy density say within the sun changes incrementally it may rise or fall above or below Balmer-like but continuous photonic spectrographs associated with the photonic states. In this case, the sun or the earth change their spin state and change to cause the balance of energy contained within Maxwell's equations (or its strong force equivalent) to be maintained.

    Because the energy density of the sun is much more variable than any one planet, the magnetic flips occurring within the sun's fields occur much more frequenctly than earth's.
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    of course this means that these flips are a form of quantum state transitions
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    This is like trying to use quantum mechanics for describing planet trajectories.
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    i'm interested that you think that! this hypothesis is based on the thread "predicting a photon chemistry" also in this forum "theory development". of course many ARE indeed searching for a quantum gravitation, or a quantum cosmology; and, well this it is!! analytics included!
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    Nope it's a wee bit more complicated.
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    "Nevertheless, most studies dealing with long
    and well dated sequences conclude either that a 30–50 kyr geomagnetic
    pulse5,6 exists, or that there is no dominant period." (from's andre's quoted study).

    Andre I note that the study is a composite collection of data and that the abstract states
    "No stable periodicity was found in our composite record and therefore our
    data set does not support the hypothesis that the Earth’s orbital
    parameters have a direct and strong influence on the geodynamo."

    So i guess you're assuming i'm suggesting some kind of planetary motion is entirely responsible for the effect of the magnetic flips; not so, the spectrology of the photon as suggested by my work suggests a highly non-linear effect much like a Balmer series but this spectral relationship applies to the photon and NOT to hydrogen or other hydrogen-like atoms (ones with Balmer-like spectrographs)

    http://epswww.unm.edu/facstaff/zsharp/103/plate%20tectonics%202.pdf [Broken]

    but plate tectonics tell us when the flips occurred i think we agree on that eh??

    In the pdf above, there is mention of the TEMPERATURE at which the magnetite cools. So the FIELD (which is composed of photons) changes state at temperature related break-points (transitions of spin state)
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    what must be understood in this photon spectroscopy is that as we cross a boundary between states, the state can change very randomly; imagine that the states of hydorgen are CONTINUOUS rather than DISCRETE and you'll get the picture. Yes the planetary motions DO change but there is no direct relationship between these motions!!
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    imagine having the highly non-linear almost random states in front of you and then trying to work out how it all works! you'll see that any two adjacent states have practically no correlation with one another!!
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