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SOM 1-01 Manual matches photo/video evidence

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    Since the mid-1990s, more than a dozen other alleged MJ-12 documents have
    come to light. The largest of these, called the Special Operations Manual
    1-01 (SOM 1-01), was sent as undeveloped film to researcher Don Berliner, who
    passed it to several other researchers for investigation. Berliner now says
    he considers SOM 1-01 to be fake, and he is joined in this opinion by other
    well-known researchers including Jan Aldrich, Mark Rodeghier, Tom Deuley and
    Richard Hall. But Stanton Friedman, along with investigators Robert and Ryan
    Wood, says SOM 1-01 is very likely authentic. So too, according to Ryan Wood,
    does a document specialist affiliated with the U.S. intelligence community,
    who has been anonymously assisting the Woods in their research. But this same
    intelligence expert says the Eisenhower Briefing Document is disinformation.

    MJ- 12 = Another, very real possibility is that some aspects of the documents are part of a deceptive, disinformation campaign designed for the mid-fifties or later to confuse or re-direct the Soviet or Chinese technological investments. There may be other reasons we also do not perceive.
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    Or perhaps there is some truth to the SOM 1-01 Manual and we are being visited by ET's. What I just demostrated is a perfect match.

    "re-direct the Soviet or Chinese technological investments."

    There would actually have to be something to the UFO phenomenon (craft using highly advanced propulsion) for the Soviet's or Chinese to buy into this sort of thing.
    This sort of debunking is highly suspicious.
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    Off the MJ-12 topic a little but...

    Much as I would like to believe that UFO's are real I would like to know why not a single piece of video evidence shows one commonly reported phenomena.

    Time and again I have heard eye witness reports that go something like this: '...then it disappeared in the distance at a tremendous velocity.' Why hasn't this one action ever been caught on film? In fact why hasn't it been caught many times? If they are really craft then they have to leave or they have to stay forever and I think we can all agree that they don't stay forever yet I have never seen a single video of the craft leaving, not ONE and I have seen pretty much all of them. Not even the obviously bogus ones show anything coming or going. This one fact is to me the biggest piece of evidence that they aren't craft, despite some video that really looks unexplainable, which are few. Of course I have seen them all on TV and maybe those idiots always cut that part but I doubt it.

    Take the gulf breeze video as a perfect example, the first one, not the obviously bogus later ones. He is standing on the beach photographing the thing in the sky while commenting on it then he says the battery dies and the thing took off and disappeared. No video.

    On another off topic, a video that is commonly taken as evidence that crop circles are caused by UFO's. The one that shows a light circling a crop circle as it forms. This is obviously a time lapse video of someone walking around the crop circle with a lantern while people are creating the crop circle. Due to the fact it's time lapse you cant see the people. It's taken at dusk so it appears like day in the video because of the time lapse. This video is so bogus I can't believe anyone actually thinks it's real.
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    Its a bogus video yes, but not at all done in the way u described.
    The guy used special effects on a computer to produce it.
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    Someone modified every frame of a video with a computer? That sounds like an incredibly time consuming job. Got a link to the guys confession or something?
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    Ever think the reason this happens is because the propulsion system or even more advanced technology is intentionally frying or making the software in the cameras stop working? ever heard top ranking high clearance military officials come forward with UFO's shutting down nuclear silos? Have you ever seen the STS shuttle footage? or heard first hand accounts of astronauts? And why do astronauts have gag orders placed on them if they see something?! It's uite obvious the UFO and E.T. happenings are authentic, not all of them of course... but it's logically correct to make this assumption putting religion and social beliefs aside. Just be a scientist, E.T. is real. It's easy to accept E.T. as real, if you can seperate emotion and intellect. Throw emotion out the window, and use your intellect, E.T.'s here, and there are clues all over the place.
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    While there are bits of evidence here and there, it's not safe at all to say that ETs have or are currently visiting earth. The kind of evidence that we have is just not strong enough...yet. If the same kind of evidence we are getting keeps occurring years from now, this may never be settled.
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    If the Mexico Ovoid UFO's are a hoax could you please post a link or web page exposing it? So far I haven't found much info but the video does look impressive:
    Here is a sequence of picture's taken from VHS:


    It closely matches the SOM 1-01 description/ illustration and so does the Belgium triangle UFO photo.
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    Btw., You see two ovoid UFO's or ETVs (Extraterrestrial Vehicle Related) craft moving from left to right looking like points of light at a distance behind trees and into open ski, hovering at times, witnesses pointing at it talking in spanish, then you get a zoom in as it's putting on a light show. At one point you see what looks like sparks shooting to it's side in a half circle formation and the halo of lights at the bottom, and eventually moves out of sight behind buildings.
    Shortly after a hellicopter is seen shining a search light over house at a distance like it is investigating the area.

    The Ovoid UFO matches closely what is described in the SOM 1-01:

    > rounded at the large end
    > extremely bright light at the pointed end
    > travels point down.
    > at an inclined angle

    This is way to close to be coincidental.
    Since the SOM 1-01 was discovered in the Mid '90s you could have concluded the triangular UFO craft illustration was derived from Petit Rechain's famous Belgium flap photograph from 1990.

    And the you read this from British researcher Victor Kean pointed out that his first reliable triangle report dates from September 8, 1960. This was a "triangular-shaped craft with three white apex lights and a red light underneath,"[/b[ seen in Tyneside, Britain and two other locations that evening, all within a 10 mile radius and within 75 minutes of each other. Did someone invent flying triangles in the 1950s?[i/]

    Well yes, the SOM 1-01 was supposedly released in the 1950s detailing this UFO. Could this be a real manual at a time when there was extreme paranoia around UFO's, trying to shoot them down and crash retrieval with intentional flaws since it was dealing with a highly sensitive matter. In case it ever got lost, stolen, or to the wrong hands it could be discredited as disinformation.
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    It isn't if you are good. I've had a go at it and I found it to be unbearably annoying yet many many people are so proficient that they could do in 2 days what it would take me 2 months to do and it would probably look 10x as good. Hell, look at any hollywood movie.... almost all of it now a days is fake yet you wouldn't be able to tell if you had a magnifying glass going over every frame. That is, ironically, how people do determine if videos are fake. They will go over the frames with a magnifying glass and will be able to determine if a video is faked.
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    Certain people going on here about some off the wall UFO case ignoring what I've posted reminds me of what Steven Greer from Disclosure Project descibes as DDT.

    Decoy, Distract and Trash (DDT): What sophisticated intelligence operatives use to set up some person or group, take them off the trail of something real and important, and trash the person or the subject.

    If you have specific evidence that disproves these cases then why don't you post it and stay on topic?

    Here's the link again:

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    Time and again I have heard eye witness reports that go something like this: '...then it disappeared in the distance at a tremendous velocity.'

    Here's an explanation:

    From: http://www.disclosureproject.org/Transcripts/ [Broken]

    Q: Have you made a decision personally whether you think that this is physical craft coming from other planets in the solar system, in the universe, or perhaps are they dimensional, coming from parallel universes?

    A: People say, "Well, they're interdimensional" and I say, "Yes, and they're also extraterrestrial and physical. Those are not two mutually exclusive things if you understand the full spectrum of nature and reality and how there are folded within every dimension access points to every other dimension and in fact, when you go through interstellar space at multiples of the speed of light, you are dropping out of 3-D material form and moving into a form that the mystics would have called the astral, or the near-physical and this is what these are. They are extraterrestrial but they're also transdimensional. They're both. This is clearly the case and the evidence, but you have to have a comprehensive cosmology and physics understanding to get you mind around that.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    We're not going there. First we would have to establish what exists and what it can do, then we can talk about how.
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